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Louisiana Pure is the leading provider of Westinghouse Water Purification Systems in Southeast Louisiana. Our management team has over 50 years of combined experience in residential and commercial construction, public safety, solar energy, and other utilities integration.

Our goal is to help consumers turn their municipal or well water supply, into the optimal water for every household or commercial use. Cutting edge Westinghouse water refining technology strips away unwanted particles, chemicals, and other contaminants; leaving water clean, clear, and pure.

The damaging impact untreated water can have on pipes, tanks, fixtures, as well as increasingly sophisticated heating and cooling components, can be costly. As a commercial contractor, engineer, homebuilder and former regional manager for multiple Fortune 100 heating and cooling companies; our senior executive, Michael Ganis, has vast knowledge and expertise in isolating and mitigating challenges caused by varying degrees of water contamination.

Additionally, more delicate than water handling equipment and plumbing, the human body is particularly susceptible to challenges caused by untreated water; often serious or even fatal injury can occur from exposure to contaminated water caused by any number of factors, including flooding. Our team includes marathon runners, first responders, and other highly trained members who each have an acute understanding of health, safety, and how easy it is to unwittingly ingest potentially debilitating toxins.

Professionally and through various charitable efforts in the community, the entire Louisiana Pure team is dedicated to keeping the general public safe, and promoting opportunities whereby people can help themselves be healthy. We researched the available water treatment systems on the market and selected Westinghouse Water Purification Systems. There is no better product than Westinghouse. Developed with the most advanced technology, exceptional craftsmanship, integrity and credibility of an American company in business since 1886 — a Westinghouse system is a good investment.

Call Louisiana Pure today. We’ll perform a free water test and discuss the water purification options we offer. If your water passes the test, we’ll drink a glass with you!