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Louisiana Pure recognizes the need for water purification today is more pressing than ever before. Our goal is to provide efficient, thorough, and economical solutions for homeowners and businesses looking to refine their tap water to the highest possible standards.

Our water purification solutions start with a Westinghouse® Revolution Series whole-house water refiner eliminating unwanted and dangerous contaminants, chemicals and dissolved solids from incoming public or well water. This reduces and eliminates the impact this untreated water would otherwise have on pipes, fittings, faucets, shower heads, appliances, and water handling equipment. By preventing the accumulation of scale and
sediment, and the resulting restricted water flow over time, Louisiana Pure is able to significantly reduce unnecessary plumbing repair and replacement costs. In addition, treated water makes ordinary detergents more effective, saving otherwise wasted money from going down the drain; while surfaces in contact with refined water will be free of hard water spots, soap scum and residue. And your clothes and linens will last longer too!

After incoming water is treated by the whole-house refiner, it is then polished even further. The Westinghouse® Drinking Water System incorporates multi-stage advanced treatment that delivers fresh, purified water on demand, right to your kitchen sink – and peace of mind knowing your family has pure, clean water to use for everything.